The Process

Have you ever wondered where the items you purchased came from, or how they might have been produced?

From concept to completion, we design and build it all. It could begin as simple a thumbnail sketch in a napkin, or a large project that involves every resource prossible to complete.

We are a small business. All of our products have been built and assembled in our shop, here in USA. I the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Each item is given the attention to detail that you would hope would take place.

All metal components are either polished by hand, or powder coated in-house. This helps us keep the attention focus on quality during each step in the process.

Our concrete is not only beautiful, but is also extremely strong. We use a glass reinforced concrete (GFRC). This process adds needed strength, it also allows us to make each piece thinner and lighter. We refined the concrete over a year of experimenting. 

Our custom concrete is mixed and poured into forms that have been designed and created in our shop. 

If we would not use any of our designs in our own home, we will not sell it. We build each item to last, and you can see that in each piece.